Transforming Eucalyptus C.
infested woods



In Europe, during the last century, large surfaces of eucalyptus were planted, first to favor the cement mines and then for the paper industry. Due to their structural and chemical characteristics, the eucalyptus undergrowth does not decompose easily creating humus. Because of the leaf's flammable oils, it creates a perfect environment for wildfires in the dry season and leads to accidental dams in waterways and to encourage flooding during the rainy season. The same problem can be found in many parts of the world - eucalyptus was initially planted for different purposes but now it is a highly harmful plant that is commissioned to be eradicated.
The basic problem with eucalyptus camaldulesis is the fact that it can be an extremely "aggressive" plant. It's roots dig deep drying up the surrrounding groundwater and due to their structure, favor soil erosion instead of preventing it. The fallen acidic leaves contaminate the surrounding soil with toxic compounds for both macro and micro fauna, triggering a vicious circle and bringing in practice due to the almost impossibility for new species of plants to germinate and therefore to their sterility.
Pyropower comes into play with its solution, we can enhance the biomass derived from the removal of these forests of invasive species and the consequent need for restoration of the soil with an all-in-one solution.

In fact, thanks to our innovative technology, we can bring all the advantages of the most advanced pyrolysis (combustion 2.0) in a flexible, effective and economically extremely competitive way while maintaining the highest standards.

Management but rather the enhancement of these resources, transforming a problem into an added value, creating energy and biochar, used as a dense form of storing energy in a clean way or reintroducing the same into the soil to regenerate it and in this way also store the CO2 in the long term.
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