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Coffee is a global favourite interactive beverage prepared from roasted coffee beans, with approximately 500 billion cups consumed every year.

Currently, spent coffee grounds have no significant market and hence are problematic for disposal. In addition to its large amounts of organic compounds, such as fatty acids, lignin, cellu-lose and hemicellulose, the disposal of coffee grounds in a landfill or by incineration potentially present serious environmental problems.

However, the high organic compounds make spent coffee grounds highly attractive as biomass for obtaining biofuel and valuable products. Pyrolysis of spent coffee ground has been taking on interest among our research parters and beyond, now is the time for this true innovation to shine. And this begins in the Netherlands.

Circular Economy

Pyropower takes in spent coffee grounds as input, producing biogas-heat, biochar and residual oils. Semi-dried coffee grounds and coffee husks are suitable inputs for the system due to their low moisture content. The process involves the carbonization of organic waste in the absence ofoxygen, which automatically mitigates binding of carbon with oxygen to produce CO2. The dried coffee grounds can be used by local biobased businesses who, for example, produce personal care products, bio pellets, biopolymers, colorants, oil or others.

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We would like to pay homage to all circular economy-based companies in the Netherlands and globally. Our shared ambitions and dedication to closing the consumer cycle is a collective step in shaping our world of tomorrow. From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, there are opportunities to reduce waste and maximise potential. Biochar is the missing sink to our carbon cycle, it is already used to make consumer and industrial products, which our team is developing in our material labs

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