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The publication list incorporates research and technological innovation carried out by Politechnico di Turin and partners of the Carbon Group. Carbon Group laboratories are fully equipped to study material preparation, characterization of spent coffee ground feedstocks, and all possible Coffee Carbon (TM) applications for the future. To find out about the Carbon Group's capabilities and types of scientific equipment available, contact us to investigate both traditional and innovative applications applications.

Development of Coffee Biochar Filler for the Production of Electrical Conductive Reinforced PlasticStructure–Property Relationships in Polyethylene-Based Composites Filled with BiocharDerived fromWaste Coffee GroundsWaste Coffee Ground Biochar: A Material for Humidity Sensors




Coffee Carbon (TM) is produced by Pyropower V.O.F. energy company based in the Netherlands, with a focus on pyrolysis technology to optimize biochar quality and quantity. Pyropower also works with other operational and technology partners to transform carbon biomaterials into activated or purified form.

Thermal catalytic depolymerization is also possible, and certain types of coffee carbon (TM) can also be produced in higher quantities. Contact Pyropower or a partner to manage your spent coffee grounds waste sustainably and cost-effectively, or experiment with a variety of applications that use CoffeeCarbon (TM) for your business/product. For CoffeeCarbon (TM) wholesale or customer support, please contact Pyropower directly (

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