There are so many things we can do with carbon-based elements, which are products of an incomplete combustion of biomass. Through selling and upgrading of these products, the value of the upcycled waste is returned to our global production network, this can be a smallholder farmer from Indonesia or by our food waste producing partners in the Netherlands.
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Biochar, the ‘missing sink’ of carbon in the global carbon cycle.

Our team has over 20 years of combined biochar expertise, we know exactly where it should come from, what kind of processes are needed to produce the best carbon, and how it should be used in industry. Most importantly, we analyze the life cycle of biochar production to make sure carbon is indeed being sequestered.

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Grades of Biochar

Made from high quality organic waste


Activated Charcoal Powder
- Fine, pure black powder, neutral odor

Due to its excellent adsorption and surface retention of substances, charcoal powder can be included in face masks or body products to help remove residue, toxins or sebum from the skin. In cosmetic formulations, charcoal powder remove excess oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores and help remove impurities.

Applications: Masks, scrubs, exfoliating formulations - colourant for soap, make-up formulations such as mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, body paint.


Biochar 5 liter bag - perfect for the grower

A carbon, nutrient-rich soil amendment that has many benefits for your plants, crops and land. This is perfect for gardeners, allotmenteers, commercial crop growers, tree care specialists.  For first time biochar-ers, we have Pietro on the job 24/h to support you for your biochar needs. To get started we recommend watching this video.

- 100% Organic
- Boosts Plant Health
- Improves Water Efficiency
- Reduces Disease Impact
- Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Use
- Compost Accelerator


The Big Biochar for Big Boys
(90, 200 liters bag available)

Outside of agriculture, biochar is used in:
- Composting
- Water filtration
- Livestock feed
- Material fillers

Learn more about biochar and it's uses in industry here.

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"The 5 litre bag is perfect for the everyday home grower,
who would also like to play a part in reducing our global carbon footprint."

Pyrochar is made from organic waste material in Europe and. Each bag shows exactly where it comes from, it could be a florist with waste from next door or a vegetable plantation in Spain. With each bag, we will tell you how much CO2 is sequestered or avoided calculated over time.
“Biochar is a heterogeneous substance rich in aromatic carbon and minerals. It is produced by pyrolysis of sustainably obtained biomass under controlled conditions with clean technology and is used for any purpose that does not involve its rapid mineralisation to CO2 and may eventually become a soil amendment.”

Source: EBC (2012) ‘European Biochar Certificate – Guidelines for a Sustainable Production of Biochar.’ European Biochar Foundation (EBC), Arbaz, Switzerland. http://www.european- Version 6.3E of 14th August 2017, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4658.7043

For larger quantities and other special applications, we are open to discuss compatibility. For company-scale CO2 footprint savings, we also provide schemes that you can use for your company's impact. In order to understand the true capability of biochar in agriculture and other applications, we work brave industry leaders who dare to experiment with us.

To show your interest, please leave a message with us.

For immediate feedback and (biochar gardening) support, please email - our founding member also operates his own farm everyday in Spain and is happy to answer any of your burning* biochar questions!

*Do not burn biochar