open source energy

Efesto's OSE (Open source energy) is designed for Smallholder Farmers in indonesia and across the globe

PYROPOWER IN indonesia

Pyropower's mission to help farmers achieve a better livelihoodin Asia Pacific manage their organic waste, which is usally undervalued and left to burn beside homes, producing toxic smoke and leaving a pile of ashes. We provide energy to meet their demand for drying of crops and reducing wastage from spoilage. A farmer's income from crop yields increases with biochar as a soil amendment.

Efesto's OSE was born with the intention of an affordable, easy-to-operate, waste-to-energy generator that takes in organic waste as a fuel and produces biochar, a carbon rich charcoal, which is used for long term agricultural practices and afforestation projects. The solution is carbon negative. Pyropower works with local partners and organizations to bring clean technology to the places and the people who need it the most: Off-grid agricultural communities in developing nations.
"Tumbuh" means "to grow" or "to become bigger" in local Bahasa language, the OSE nicknamed by farmers because of the effect biochar had on their fields and their food supply.

With an input of 25 kg of organic waste*, it can generate 40 kWh of thermal energy and can produce 8 kg of biochar. Efesto is a portable device, designed by keeping in mind the requirements of rural communities.

Besides the fact that it generates valuable energy for farmers, such as tobacco farmers in Lombok, who have to dry the leaves using firewood, the biochar also replenishes degraded land with nutrients to increase its crop yield and productivity thus ensuring food security in the communities.

*woody biomass, crop residues like corn, soy, nuts and shells
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Our mission has also to bring clean technology to smallholder farmer households, all 1.5 billion people, no matter the barriers faced for it to reach their hands. The socio-environmental problem faced in rural areas of emerging nations exists, however the economic problem is not. In September 2020, our team had a brilliant idea of open sourcing the kiln technology. This helps a household in several ways; kiln can be adapted to the local needs and applications, lower costs and redundancies of middle men, local waste products can also be utilized. Not to mention how much biochar can impact the soils health and the environment.

Please note: when constructing the kiln on your own, any liabities lies on the contructor. Pyropower will however, assist to the best of our abilities to make sure the safety and emission standards are up to par. For any immediate support, call +31 0641571462 (NL) or send an email to animesh@pyropower.eu.

We are working on an instruction manual on cookstoves, this will be posted in March 2020.

You take from nature, you give back to nature. You take biomass from the nature and you return nutrients to the nature in the form of biochar. Similarly, the data that is collected from Efesto is used to optimise the product again to customise the product for that condition.

So we are always interested in discovering new waste sources in new regions to manage.
Do give us contact if you see a strong need for our technology and team to implement a project for you.
For more information about EFESTO updates, and to find out how you can get involved as a local entity, get in touch with us!